Wonderful Women of The World

Today March 8th is International Women’s Day and it is celebrated in most parts of the world, and may I say in very different manners. The other day I read that in Taiwan, International Women’s Day is marked by the annual release of a government survey on women’s waist sizes, accompanied by warnings that weight gain can pose a hazard to women’s health. I tell you I was down with laughter and horrified at the same time.

Girls and  women are not a commodity, a product others have any rights to decide over.
How they want to dress, what they want to do, sexual rights, education, getting water and food, gender equality, everything is the woman’s own decision.

Everything a man is allowed, women are entitled to. We write 2015 it can not be hard to spot and recognize that women and men are two different sexes with equal rights.
It does not have to be an issue, it should be a matter of course.

Whether we come from Australia, Lesotho, Peru or Denmark, regardless of gender, color, religion or not.
Wherever I have traveled the world, the differences have remained the same.
A tribal woman in Namibia, or an office assistant in Thailand have the same desires as I do.
We have different backgrounds, but our desires are the same. We want respect for who we are, we do not want quarrels with the man, if we freeze we want a blanket. It should not be hard to understand.

Unfortunately, my travels have also shown me that apparently it IS really hard to understand.
I have seen many women violated in many different degrees, and my hope is that these violated women will not infringe back, but grow with a self-respect that makes it possible for them to believe in themselves, and create a life exactly how they want  it to be.

Happy Women’s Day to all you beautiful girls and women out there. . .!

I would like to show you 30 beautiful girls and women from all over the world. Some are friends for life, some acquaintances, and others a sudden meet . .

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