When I travel, I try to spot the details. Details are many things.
It may be the tiles you use to the sidewalks. The progressive street art, street doors, architecture, street lamps, interior of cafes, town halls and parks. The recreational areas are to me extremely important -especially after I’ve had concussion for so long; it is important, there are oases of peace and green spaces in cities.

Details are the glue of a society

It’s the details that give edge, and shows what kind of society I move in.
I am fascinated by art and design, architecture, urban planning, and everything in between which gossiping about the people living in the area.

Poul Henningsen (1894-1967) from Ordrup in Denmark. Poul Henningsen is probably best known abroad as the impressive lamp designer. But in Denmark we know him also as an architect, revue writer, film director and social critic.

Furthermore Poul Henningsen in Denmark is better known by the initials PH.

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