The passion for art

My passion for art is something I’ve had since I was a child.
It’s generally recognized that art rises emotional experiences, thoughts and conversations, and I am always up for emotions, heavy thinking and ebullient conversations . . And as an artist I’m curious how the art is different from country to country – And how alike it is. The art mirrors people and it’s easy to recognize that we are very much alike across the borders. You will notice it if you study artists from different countries.

street-art in Santiago

My thoughts about street-art

I am really fond about street-art and I take a lot of photos of it while traveling. I am amazed by street-art because it tells a story in a story. It’s surrounded by the environment you are moving in. It makes you reflect on your environment.
Often we’re going from point A to point B without thinking of the streets, the people, the buildings and all the details that comes with it because you have walked the street hundreds of times before and you think you know it.
That’s what street-art does to me; it makes me look and ponder and consider just how well do I know my environment?
I think all art is to enjoy, reflect and about telling a story.

If you go to an art museum your brain is tuned in on: OK I’m going to see art know. I’m going to focus, analyze, compare, remember and having a lot of other analytical thoughts.
When you see street-art it’s quite the opposite; BAM..!! It surprises you, it’s playing a trick with your mind, it may make you smile, sad, amused, amazed, wonder, or happy but most important it surprises you in a whole other way than if you walk into an art museum.
And that’s what fascinates me most with street-art.

When you talk street-art you have to mention Cornbread; the farther of graffiti and street-art from Philly.
Read more about him here: Cornbread

Are you interested in my art please go to my art site: KesterArt

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