La Paz – part 4

La Paz – part 4

The first to leave traces

Neolithic hunter-gatherers were the first to inhabit La Paz, Mexico area at least 10,000 years ago and the first who leaves traces of their presence in form of rock paintings near the city and throughout the Baja California Peninsula. read more…

The humblest city Valletta

The humblest city Valletta

Do you know that when you walk into a shop in Valletta, you will be served with the same truism, whether you speak English, Italian or Maltese — pretty unique to Malta.

Malta is on the whole quite unique. With its 246 km2 is the main island only slightly larger than Coock Island. read more…

First time in helicopter

First time in helicopter

Visiting new countries

This is my story about my first time in helicopter, and we are going a bit back in time.

Now, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan may not be the most obvious tourist destinations, at least it wasn’t in 1992. read more…


Welcome to curious Kester — I'm thrilled you are here . . Way back I learned that the greatest adventures is to be discovered down the not so crowded roads . . I like to be spontaneous and get surprised by the unfamiliar. I find my adventures among people, through art, in nature and exploring the culture. My journeys are rarely planned and I'm extremely curious.

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People are the backbone of a society. When I travel I like to listen, communicate and learn with respect . .


My curiosity has taken me far and made me outshine my obstacles — I don’t let my wheelchair but my mind decide where to go next . .


It’s generally recognized that art rises emotional experiences, thoughts and conversations . .


Nature is an important part of my journeys. I have an eye for details and get inspired by colors and patterns . .

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