New Website

Finally I’m ready to show you my new website — I hope you like it, and fancy to have a look around!

curiousKester is my new website, reflecting my thoughts and experiences when traveling.

My main focus will be my encounter with the locals on my way. Nature and wildlife I meet. There will be photos and talks about art, with artists, exhibitions and street art.
Photographs are sometimes toyed with. I like to play, and toying with photographs is wonderful. Changing reality can occasionally point focus in a different direction and dig out new ideas and thoughts, perhaps leading to conversations.
Occasionally I will focus on accessibility with a wheelchair, how I manage obstacles on my travels. and a few tips to make things a bit easier.

However I changed the name of my website from Globetrotter in a Wheelchair because people had a clear assumption that when my website was called something with “wheelchair”; it meant that I did guides for people with a handicap, with reviews of available destinations.
That I do not.New website - poppies

Hope to inspire

On the contrary, I tell about my journeys as a wheelchair user, and thus hope I can inspire others to jump on their own global adventure, wheelchair or not.

I travel in a wheelchair because what are my options? My curiosity to see the world is far greater than my concerns over obstacles on my way.

The posts already on curiousKester, are “recycled” from GlobetrotterinWheelchair as I believe in sustainability 😉 and every single word still comes from my mouth and counts!


If you are a new reader I welcome you — I am so happy you dropped by!
Perhaps you would like to read a bit about who I am, and I really hope to see you again!

I hope you like my new website  —  please drop by any time soon!!

With these words I welcome you all!!



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