Art at Aros in Aarhus

The other day I went to Aros to enjoy an exhibition with one of my favorite Danish artists.

Going to an art exhibition you might think, how hard can it be?
Let me tell you, it can be pretty hard.
But of course if you are a new reader you wouldn’t know, that I right now am suffering from long-term concussion called PCS  — so you see, it can be extremely hard to go to an art exhibition.

Enjoying Michael Kvium at Aros in Aarhus, DenmarkI went with Dieter to Aros to see Michael Kvium one of the best Danish living artists. He tells a story about the naked man. Not literally naked, but what the human being is made of. The ugliness , the hollow, the shit, the dark, the sincere, the unmasked roughness of the honest thinking behind the facade of the beauty. I love it. I love the man, or woman behind the mask, I watch and beseech the art to dig deeper in the human soul, to flip the mind from words to the lava, the vomit canonize out to me. I love the truth. I hate lies and conceals I shrink by meanness, by complacency, by deception and impostures. The humans Michael Kvium conjures gives you the truth with all it ugliness, and it’s honest.  It shows who we are as individuals, and it shows us who we are together.

Besides from being able to tell a remarkable story Kvium is an outstanding artist who knows his craft and leads the correct and enviable brushstrokes. The choice of colors is another thing I admire. Often it is judicious colors with dusty shades resting by each other. Other times it is the contrasts playing against each other, speaking their own language.

Art at Aros in Aarhus
The reason is, that I would like to highlight the very top, or the rooftop of the art museum Aros. “The rainbow” is what Olafur Eliasson‘s work is called. Yet another masterpiece. The fact that the work is a masterpiece, is in particular because it is located on top of an otherwise, for a huge part of Aarhusians, a dull box of a building.
I’m not a big fan of red bricks, but the museum’s interior with barren concrete walls and the cool look appeals to me. Placing a rainbow on top, with an incredible view of the skyline in Aarhus is brilliant. It brings out the warmth and the fairy tales. I can’t think of anybody that will not appreciate a rainbow. This rainbow is at the right spot, and that makes Olafur’s “The Rainbow” a masterpiece. In any weather, you can enjoy a walk inside “The Rainbow” and the bright colors paint the city.
This art museum has its very own color gamut or color wheel placed on top as a landmark.

As an artist, the trip to Aros made not only my day, but made the wheels of my inspiration to make art spin once again. The inspiration can occasionally be hard to get if you don’t go out much because of illness.

— don’t be shy, please add any thoughts below!

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