The Perfect Spot

Together with friends we left Harare in Zimbabwe one afternoon to go and find the perfect spot for a wedding.
The son of our friend was getting married and our friend wanted to find the perfect spot, the rolling hills in Zimbabwe for his son’s wedding which was to be held in beautiful Zimbabwe.

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Rolling hills in Zimbabwe

I believe he did.. Look at these beautiful rolling hills, or mountains. If not already in love with my sweetheart, I could fall in love by these scenery.
Look at these phenomenal colors, shapes and patterns from the flowers, the grass and the remarkable moss and lichen.. Only nature can provide these wonders. Nature in Zimbabwe is extremely rich and you feel spoiled just to be there.

Not really the perfect spot for wheelchairs, but who cares – I got there easy by jeep and got to see and experience this magnificent spot – everything was perfect.
The son Tim, was happy – even the dog was happy!

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