Gems in NYC - gummy-bear car Gems in NYC

In late September I was roaming the streets of NYC with Dieter.

I had just been to the opening of my art exhibition a few days before and the thrill and excitement was still bubbling in my stomach. I went with bus 102 – subway 2 and A heading for The Hihgline when I see a gummy-bear car… and not just any gummy-bear car but a Mercedes gummy-bear car…
WHAT? what is that all about?

A guy comes over.. it’s Guenther Siraky from Munich. He is the owner of this fantastic yet crazy gummy-bear car.. We talk for a long time and Guenther tells me many crazy stories about his gummybear car and his art project.

Here are some words from Guenther great art project:
Prologue The Historical Grand Tour – when traveling still was a work of art in itselfFollowing the tracks of The Historical Grand Tourgummy-bear car l
The Grand Tour is the mother of all educational journeys and basis for modern tourism. Beside the sons of the European aristocracy, artists used to travel through central Europe in the 18th century. Mostly English, French, German, Dutchmen and Americans started to get interested in the Grand Tour. Especially younger men of the European society were accompanied by a teacher, a protector called “bearleader”.From America mostly artists shipped from New York to England from where they would travel around the old world.

Some artists on Grand The Historical Grand Tour

Michelde Montaigne, Thomas Coryate, James Boswell, Wolfgang Goethe, Thomas Cole, Hector Berlioz, Hans Christian Andersen, Claude Lorrain, Mendelson Bartholdy, Mark Twain, William Turner, Dominique Baron de Denon, Victor Hugo, Frederic Mercey, William Blake.
The Historical route of the Grand Tour*
New York – London – Dover – Calais – Paris – Cologne – Heidelberg – Basel – Lucerne / St. Gotthard Pass – Milan – Venice – Naples (Pompeji) – Rome – Florence – Verona – Brenner Pass – Munich – Paris – Calais – Dover – London – New York
*not all cities have been the target of each Grand Tour traveler
The Work of Art The modern Grand Tour – when traveling became a work of art again (2007)
The modern Grand Tour in historical footprint
Munich – Heidelberg – Frankfurt on the Main (IAA) – Cassel* – Muenster* – Cologne – Freiburg – Basel – Lucerne / St. GotthardPass – Milan – Padua – Venice* – Verona – Bolzano / Brenner Pass – Munich

I don’t know if the gummy-bear car falls under the category “Gems in NYC” – But I  L O V E  it..!!

Please check out  Guenther Siraky from Munich..

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