map showing how close we are to Antarctica At the end of the world

It sounds funny I know. But Ushuaia in Argentina considers itself as being at the end of the world. And it’s not completely untrue.

Being at 54°48’S makes it the southern most town in the world.

The town is peculiar fun and beautiful. The people like nature, quad bikes, and funny houses..!!
It’s fairly accessible for wheelchairs with ramps most places walking as a pedestrian. But being hilly it’s not worth “walk” a lot.

However the national park: Tierra del Fuego National Park has considered handicapped people as there are handicap parking and two walking trails for wheelchairs. If you are a wheelchair user you also have the opportunity to ride El Tren del Fin del Mundo. A railway build in the late 1800 by prisoners used for hauling logs to a sawmill. Today rebuilder as a tourist attraction going to the national park.

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