Access Berlin

Like many other large cities in Europe, Berlin is fairly accessible with a wheelchair.
In some  countries it’s decided by law that all new buildings must be accessible for people with a handicap. I for once think it’s absolutely brilliant and are very amazed of how most of the old pubs in London are are not only accessible with a wheelchair but also have accessible loos.


If touring Berlin with a wheelchair, check out the IOS app ‘Berlin Subway’ or the android ‘Berlin Maps’ if you want to use the subway. The maps have tiny wheelchair symbols to accessible stations.
And don’t forget the app Wheelmap, which originates from Berlin and will show you all accessible places. And non-accessible. Check it out, it’s the best app for wheelchair users worldwide!!

Anyway, when using the subway in Berlin; go to the first car the engineer will help you on board with a ramp. (not a ramp you should bring. The ramp is permanently located at the stations).

Stairs turns into lift

Most of the public buildings, museums etc. have access.

At The Museum Island I tried a perfect and very aesthetically solution. The stairs turned into a lift, and when not in use you it was difficult to notice it was even there. I LOVE solutions like that. I think it’s important to make accessibility blend in as much as possible. Otherwise we will end up living in very practical but ugly societies. So I’m all in favor for neat solutions.

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