Occasionally I’ve called La Paz in Mexico my second home.
I have been and lived there several times so it’s not all wrong.
La Paz almost at the end of the long narrow peninsula Baja California, dangling down from the state of California, USA is quite unique with an atmosphere of its own.
To the East you’ll find Sea of Cortez and to the west you’ll have endless views to The Pacific Ocean.
You often get the feeling of being in a village in La Paz, even though it is the capital city of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur.
Everything is laid back in a wonderful “what I didn’t have the time to do today, I’ll do tomorrow” kind of way – and the nature you can experience around La Paz is extraordinary. There are some 900 islands and inlets in the Gulf of California with 244 now under UNESCO protection as World Heritage Bio-Reserves.
Over the next weeks I will share my La Paz with you. I have divided my La Paz into four parts because of the amount of photos I would like to show you.
I hope you enjoy and hopefully let yourself getting inspired to visit this magic spot.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

The town

The Hotel

The last couple of times we were in La Paz we stayed  at Hotel Mediterrane. A couple of the rooms is fairly accessible with wheelchair. The hotel’s restaurant; Zoé is easy accessed and serves the best food in town. It’s as simple as that! Everything is homemade with a beautiful mix of European and Thai food.
If in doubt where to stay in La Paz, stay here you won’t regret it.

The Art


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